Shamanic Energy Healing

Whatever is happening in your life,

whatever may be calling you to seek healing,

Shamanic Energy Healing offers an approach to wellness through wholeness, via deepening self awareness, and a growing acceptance of yourself as you truly are.

In Shamanic Energy Healing, we view healing as a process of re-membering; finding, meeting and re-integrating the "lost" parts of our being.

Combining self inquiry, energy healing, regression and shamanic healing techniques, each Shamanic Energy Healing session is unique, responding to the particular needs of the individual, in the moment.

In a safe, held space,

beginning with this breath, in this body,

right here, right now,

we bring awareness to the physical sensations and emotions in the body.

From here, we are able to discover what may be needed,

where the apparent roots of dis-ease,

physical, emotional or spiritual, may lie.



Sometimes, we come to heal trauma,

situations that may call for resolution,

sometimes to heal wounds from childhood,

sometimes we work with anscestral wounds,

sometimes we need to retrieve lost aspects of ourselves,

sometimes to heal wounds from previous lifetimes,

sometimes we need help to release energies that are not ours,

beliefs that no longer serve us,

"negative" emotions that cause us to suffer.

Everything is forgiven, nothing is forgotten.

Always moving towards our Truth, Integrity and Wholeness.

Following the wave of Awareness, Release and Integration,

We work with no agenda, leaving room for the unknown to arise,

We work under the Highest Vibrations of Love and Light, and the Protection of Great Spirit.

We respect the Law of Free Will.

It is my honour to serve as your guide in this work. You can not get it wrong.

Essential phases of the work are those of grounding ourselves in the body, and taking time to integrate the healing afterwards.