Integrated Energy Healing

Integrated Energy Healing is a holistic therapy that works with every aspect of the individual; the physical, the emotional, the mental, the relational, the soulful and the spiritual.


A flowing combination of talking therapy, body process work, energy healing, regression work and ancient shamanic healing techniques, Integrated Energy Healing offers a way of accessing and working with the roots of presenting issues.


As Integrated Energy Healing practitioners, we recognise that the causes of chronic physical conditions and problems such as addiction, anxiety and depression can often be related to emotional trauma.  That there is an interdependent relationship between our past experiences, our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and physical well being in the present moment.


We work with maps of the Human Energy Field that allow us to navigate our way through the many different frequencies of human experience, in order to bring healing, restore balance, presence, flow and grounding.



So, what does this mean in practise?


It means that you will be met as an individual, exactly as you are, without judgement.


You will be allowed to go at your own pace.


Your free will is honoured as of key importance to your individual healing journey.


No one can heal you, but you can be helped in the process of healing yourself.


You cannot get it wrong.


Integrated Energy Healing is a safe, grounded approach to healing and connecting with your authentic self.

It is a therapeutic approach which offers a broad enough view of the individual that we can go just as deep as you need to.