House and Land Healing


The Earth's energy field has a healthy average frequency of 7.8hz, (sometimes known as Schumann waves) which supports healthy life. Where distortions occur in the Earth's energy field, negative energy, "sha chi", accumulates.

The presence of sha chi in homes and work places, can negatively impact the health and well being of people living and working there.

Subjectively, we may experience some places as having "good energy", that make us feel good, and other places that perhaps leave us feeling drained, unwell, or on edge.

Geomancy is the practice of working with these Earth energies to reduce their harmful effects and cultivate positive energy (shung chi).

A Geomantic Site Consultation will typically involve the following key aspects:

  • Diagnosis of Geopathic Stress* 
  • Alleviation of Geopathic Stress via Earth Accupuncture
  • Diagnosis and alleviation of Geopsychic Stress**
  • Advice on the application of Form School Feng Shui principles to prevent the accumulation of sha chi (negative energy) and encourage the accumulation of shung chi (positive energy)

All kinds of people and places benefit from geomancy;

Businesses that want to attract more custom, increase positive energy and improve productivity.

Home owners can use geomancy to cultivate a healing and supportive environment at home.

If you are selling a property, you may wish to work with the Earth energies to make the property more attractive to buyers.

If you are buying a property, you may wish to have a survey done to assess the energetics of the site.

If you feel that your home, garden, land or work place could benefit, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Ben Giddey offers on site consultations and Geomantic Healing.

*for a comprehensive explanation of Geopathic Stress, please read Richard Creightmore's article here.

**Geopsychic Stress is caused by the build up of psychic energy in a place. This can be from previous occupants, lost soul fragments (ghosts), disgruntled nature spirits or imbalances in the Elemental energies.