Ben Giddey


My own spiritual path began in earnest after a personal "Spiritual Emergence-y", in 1999, the time of my Saturn Return.

I was first interested in Taoism, then Buddhism with it's practical approach and focus on compassion, was of great assistance. I took refuge with Sogyal Rinpoche in 2001 and spent time at Amravati Monastery in the Thai Forest Tradition.

Around the same time, I moved from the city to the country and began working in horticulture, practising meditation and Chi Gung, a process I now recognise as being essential grounding.

I began doing intuitive Chi Healing while my son was in the womb, and I was taught a certain amount by one of my Chi Gung teachers.

When I came across Barbara Brennan's book, "Hands of Light" in about 2006/7, I just devoured it. I was deeply moved and impressed by her work and I knew I had to learn how to do it.

I discovered the School of Energy Healing, which was started by a graduate from Barbara Brennan's school and enrolled on the 3 year Professional Training. My main teacher there was Emma Morriss.

The training was pretty comprehensive, involving a lot of personal healing work. I learnt a lot from being held by excellent healers as a client, and watching other healers work as well as developing my own skills and capacities. My meditation and Chi Gung practise stood me in good stead.

I graduated from the School of Energy Healing in 2011. I got a tipi and began practising at festivals the next summer. 2012 was my first full season of practising at festivals. Although I was used to working in a room, I found that I really enjoyed working in my tipi. It suits me, and I found I was able to do very deep work with people at festivals, on the Earth, by the fire, in the tipi.

I learnt a lot from working at festivals, seeing 5 or 6 clients a day and working closely with the elements in my space. I learnt a lot about the kind of healer that I am. I tend to do a lot of Astral work, entity release, inner child healing and past life healing. Working in nature, I felt very connected to the Web of Life, and my work was quite shamanic in nature. It was in that first season, 2012, that my Phurba (a Nepali shamanic tool) came to me. One morning, sat by my fire, some anscestors came and gave me a good talking to, and put me through my paces.

I was connecting with some very old energies, and I needed to develop deeper context for them, and ground my work still deeper. I found Chris Luttichau at Northern Drum and spent a year training with him. Chris is the keeper of a set of Teachings, mainly from the Native American Tradition. The Shamanic Training with Northern Drum was just what I needed to deepen my work in it's true context, gain further allies, formalise respectful ways of working with Spirit and further discover who I Am.

I had begun using Shamanic Energy Healing techniques and dowsing to clear energy in houses, and I had done some intuitive Earth Accupuncture when my Phurba first came to me. The shamans of these lands had specialised in working with Earth Energies, before they were all wiped out. Healing the Earth is important, fascinating work, which I felt very drawn to. I undertook a training in Geomancy and Earth Accupuncture with Richard Creightmore and Jewels Rocka at their amazing place on the Ashdown Forest in Sussex.

I use Earth Accupuncture regularly around my own living space and land, and have built a small labyrinth on my allotment. I love doing Geomancy, House Healing and Earth Accupuncture. It is truly magical work.

My healing work is part of my spiritual path. I learn a great deal from working with people.

I hope that I may be of service.